Interim Management Solutions and Insourced Specialist Claims Managers

From time to time, and especially following CATs when work loads are extremely high, FitzGerald Consulting is requested to provide a range of specialist claims managers, to work within our client’s corporate structure, assisting their regular staff with the management of large of portfolios of insurance claims. Predominantly, this occurs when a client is experiencing an unusually high volume of property damage losses following CAT events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, widespread flooding and other natural disasters. Our multi-disciplinary teams of insurance loss adjusters and claims managers have extensive experience of handling such claims and are available to assist clients on short or long term contracts.

Irrespective of wherever in the world we are requested to provide insourced staff we always ensure that our loss adjusters and claims managers familiarise themselves with our client’s systems, procedures and policies and comply with local regulatory requirements.

We provide ‘best practice’ advice when requested, based on our widespread experience of handling large volumes of losses, but we always tailor our claims handling and management to the client’s corporate culture.

FitzGerald Consulting is also able to provide Interim Management Solutions to major corporate clients following CAT events or when claims handling departments are undergoing major restructures or other similar major corporate changes.