Business Interruption Losses

Fitzgerald Consulting handles a wide range of Business Interruption losses on behalf of policyholders and insurers in both the UK and many other countries throughout the world. Very often the losses sustained in consequence of an interruption to a business’ productivity and the resulting impact on it’s profitability comprise the most significant and complex aspects of a major commercial insurance claim. We deal with claims arising from, but not restricted to:

  • fire
  • explosion
  • earthquake
  • water damage
  • machinery breakdown
  • damage from natural disasters

FitzGerald Consulting has access to many highly skilled experts from almost every professional discipline, including accountants, lawyers, surveyors and engineers, all of whom are ready to be deployed as necessary to assist with analysing and resolving the technical issues which always result from a significant business interruption.

In recent years FitzGerald Consulting has advised the insurance and re-insurance markets, as well as a wide range of policyholders, on the most economical and expeditious approach for dealing with Business Interruption losses following widespread catastrophe events and one-off major incidents. In every case FitzGerald Consulting always considers ways to minimise both the short and long effects of a reduction in revenue and profit to a business as well as the most appropriate ways of utilising resources and saving unnecessary expenditure.

FitzGerald Consulting’s client’s are always delighted with the outcome which we achieve for them following events which result in Business Interruption losses. Consequently they often recommend our range of professional, highly qualified specialist services to other commercial entities when revenue streams are interrupted and specifically targeted expenditure is required to minimise the potential adverse effect on the Profit & Loss Account/Balance Sheet.