Treating Customers Fairly

FitzGerald Consulting prides itself on being able to provide a high quality service to our customers who are all classified as commercial clients.

Our objective is to deliver practical solutions to complex problems that have arisen as a result of major loses. These often manifest themselves as the need for claims handling, audit and review, litigation management, consultancy and the provision of claims data, all services which we promote as our specialities.

We recognise that to fulfil this objective we must:

  • Invest in the quality of our employed staff, Associates, and Consultants to ensure they are competent and focussed on the importance of treating every customer fairly and with the required level of professionalism.
  • Ensure that professionalism and expertise is maintained and continually updated.
  • Continually assess the services we provide to ensure that we meet changing requirements.
  • Meet the communication standards set by clients throughout every project.
  • Provide documentation and output that is clear, unambiguous and addresses the requirements of our engagement and reflects our expertise in the appropriate areas.

We monitor our ability to achieve these standards through:

  • Reviews of individual project files after closure.
  • Requiring all Associates/Consultants to regularly undertake and record CPD activities.
  • Maintaining contact with clients to ensure satisfactory outcomes to every project.