• 10 different claims for subsidence across the UK.
  • Major loss – Fire – Bournemouth – residential property.
  • Audit for UK insurer – Underwriting and Claims aspects of substantial portfolio of business. Providing strategic management support plus governance and audit services to a UK insurer in relation to their Covid 19 exposure – actual and potential.
  • 3 new subsidence cases from a UK insurer.
  • Storm/Flood – Property claim. Multiple claims.
  • Subsidence – Property claim.
  • Property Defects policy case.
  • Expert Witness case – Property/BI.
  • Audit/review and taking over adjustment of reopened case for insurer.
  • First party adjusting case for insurer.
  • Audit/review of previous adjuster’s case for insurer.
  • First party adjusting case for insurer.
  • First party adjusting case for insurer.
  • First party adjusting case for insurer.
  • First party adjusting case for insurer.
  • International insurer appoints FC on portfolio of adjusting cases previously being dealt with by another firm of adjusters.
  • Major loss adjusting case – Flood.
  • Large loss – Escape of oil.
  • Adjusting case for major insurer – Impact loss.
  • Adjusting case for major insurer - Storm loss.
  • Adjusting case for major insurers – Subsidence.
  • Audit/Review project – Marine portfolio.
  • Expert witness case for major UK insurer.
  • Adjusting case for major insurers – Fire loss.
  • Adjusting case for major insurers – Subsidence loss.
  • Adjusting case for major insurers – Fire.
  • Adjusting case for major insurers – Fire – major loss in Southampton.
  • Adjusting case for major insurers – Theft – of a large collection of watches.
  • Adjusting case – Escape of Water.
  • Adjusting case – Subsidence.
  • Adjusting case – Escape of Water.
  • Adjusting case – Subsidence.
  • Adjusting case – Subsidence.
  • Adjusting case – Theft.
  • Adjusting case – Theft.
  • Continuing our development into the Marine market – an appointment in the UK by a leading insurer to carry out a review/audit of their Marine Claims operation.
  • Loss Adjusting - instructed by an insurer to handle an extensive escape of water claim.
  • Loss Adjusting - instructed by an insurer to handle a subsidence loss.
  • Review of Adjuster’s file/involvement in PD case.
  • Expert Witness case – appointed by legal firm (new client).
  • Review of Adjuster’s file/involvement in PD/BI case.
  • Review of Adjuster’s file/involvement in PD case.
  • Appointment by insurer on new Large Loss fire PD case.
  • Audit of legal cases involving our in-house lawyer (new client).
  • Audit for UK insurer (new client).
  • Audit for major insurer of its Escape of Water losses. (This follows up previous work we have done analysing reasons for market-wide increase in losses against this insured peril).
  • Expert witness advice on PI claim arising from Environmental cover exposure.
  • Series of audits for Lloyd’s run-off insurer.
  • Review/audit of loss adjuster’s file for insurer – large loss case.
  • Intensive audit for major UK-based insurer focused on ‘Escape of Water’ peril and industry-wide substantial increase in claims costs.
  • Review of adjuster’s case handling for insurer.
  • Grenfell Tower fire – appointed by major insurer, a new client, to handle potential liability claims arising from this tragic incident.
  • Scotland – Adjuster review/audit – new client insurer.
  • UK – Expert witness case – PD/BI following fire and alleged broker negligence.
  • England – Adjuster review/audit – new client insurer.
  • Scotland - Multi-million £ Marine insurance claim under CAR/project policy.
  • Large and complex household claim in prestigious London address, received via lawyers acting for a major UK insurer.
  • Scotland – Series of Construction ‘All Risks’ claims arising from a project of national importance.
  • Ireland – audit for major international insurer.
  • UK/Europe – Europe-wide audit for a major UK-based insurer.
  • Clive Munnings will be working during November on a new audit project that he secured for a major run-off company.
  • Post-loss, 're-inspection' audit for major US insurer.
  • Appointment to advise in connection with a multi million pound Business Interruption loss arising out of damage at a waste processing/energy producing plant.
  • Appointment by major UK-based professional institute to advise them on a substantial building works project. This is an extension of our normal insurance claims business, using the expertise we have built up in supporting insurers in project-managing multi-million £ repair/reinstatement works after an insured event, and combining this with specialist construction industry personnel’s skills and experience.
  • Appointment by a new client, a major US-based insurer, to review and audit a multi-million £ PD/BI fire claim where the reserve has increased significantly and make recommendations on future best practise.
  • New client - Review/audit for major international insurer of aggregate deductible management and financials for global client.
  • Audit/review of damage restoration panel for specialist UK insurer.
  • Re-inspection audit of loss adjusting panel for US-based insurer.
  • Comparative performance audit of panel adjusters for US based global insurer.
  • Coverholder audit for Lloyd’s Syndicate.
  • Review of Major Loss handling for leading international insurer.
  • Coverholder audits for Lloyd’s companies.
  • Audit of personal injury major loss cases for UK-based insurer.
  • Review of HNW business for UK-based insurer.
  • Audit for US insurer of comparative performance of adjusters.
  • Audit of primary insurers’ Casualty portfolio for it’s main reinsurer.
  • Review of mutual insurance company’s Claims operations to recommend performance, profitability and improvements.
  • Telephone-based consultancy for UK based insurer.
  • Review of PI claims for a Claims consultancy.
  • Expert witness appointment on PI case.
  • Review of major insurer’s Casualty claims portfolio focusing on leakage and ‘best practise’ recommendations.
  • Audit of major loss motor injury claims for municipal authorities.
  • Audit of sports-related portfolio of claims.
  • Audit of major UK insurer’s bodily injury (Motor) claims.
  • Instructions via City Lawyers on multi-million £ BI loss following fire.
  • Review of TP Administrators’ handling of major personal injury claims.
  • Coverholder Audit in UK for Lloyds’ syndicate.
  • Review of handling of EL asbestosis claim from UK Insurer in run off.
  • Pre-trial file review in motor/professional indemnity litigation.
  • Review of development project from a major international insurer.
  • Post litigation cost review on pharmaceutical product class action.
  • Post litigation pharmaceutical industry cover trigger date review.
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  • Instructed by Lloyd’s Underwriters on adjustment of various transformer claims.
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  • Comprehensive review of change management project for insurer’s Claims department.
  • Review of cases, including re-inspections, for US based insurer.
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  • Performance audit of TPA handling of claims for major US based insurer.
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  • Appointed by a major local insurer to create, deliver and facilitate a CAT scenario involving a major 9.0 earthquake hitting a key city in that country.
  • Support for UK based international insurer on major CAT events following flood damage.
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  • ‘Riot’ claim – US$100million+ loss – Property/BI.
  • In the aftermath of the Atacama flood, appointed by insurers to support local adjusters in gathering critical information on damage that severely affected sanitary facilities, collectors and pipes in 8 locations in the north of Chile.
  • Appointed by insurers to support local Chilean adjuster in a contingency plan generation following the Mapocho River overflow to allow owners and/or tenants of affected facilities to return to activity as soon as possible.
  • Appointed by UK-based international reinsurer to support local Chilean adjuster in handling major damage in a phthalic anhydride reactor in Quilicura.
  • Appointed by Spanish-based international reinsurer to support local Chilean adjuster retained by local direct insurer to adjust on damage to multiplier and wind turbine.
  • Appointed by insurers to support local Chilean adjuster in gathering and reviewing critical damage information over more than 160 km of highway infrastructure affected by major water storm and local rivers overflow.
  • Appointment by reinsurers on major property fire loss, to work with and support local Chilean adjusters retained by local direct insurer.
  • Appointed to deal with a major agri-business products liability claim following the wide-scale contamination of farming land. This is a sensitive, multi-million $ loss which the Managing Director of our Latin American business based in Chile, Juan Ignacio Alvarez, is handling personally.
  • Appointed by UK based international insurer to manage a major CAT, liaising with brokers, policyholders and global re-insurers following the massive earthquake which occurred in Chile in 2010. Also, conducted a root and branch review of PD/BI risks and claims handling system post the CAT. "This will be regarded as the template for managing CAT events worldwide. The feedback from my colleagues at RSA and within our re-insurer and Lloyd’s partners to FCL’s sterling work has been magnificent." Scott Webb, Group Technical Claims Director, RSA
  • Assisted Chile based insurer with settlement of major PD/BI loss on Easter Island, including liaison with London Market reinsurers.
  • Appointed by major Australian based insurer to act as out-sourced Claims department for their business in Chile.
  • Appointed by one of the largest Chilean mining companies to conduct a detailed policy coverage and risk survey.
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  • Appointed by UK-based international reinsurer to support local Colombian adjuster retained by local direct insurer on Brent oil spill.
  • Audit/Review – Construction ‘All Risks’ programme – new pipeline project
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  • Appointment to support major worldwide reinsurer in reviewing its portfolio of exposures in Ecuador following the 7.8 earthquake in April 2016.
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  • Audit/Review – appointment by insurer across several European territories.
  • Europe – Pan-European Marine audit for major international insurer.
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  • Major fire loss for international insurer.
  • Coverholder audits for Lloyd’s Underwriters.
  • Adjustment of Business Interruption loss following fire damage at a steel works.
  • Adjustment of a PD/BI loss following a major fire at a transport depot.
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  • Appointed by the German office of a UK based insurer to handle multi-million € PD/BI losses following major fires (1) in a kiln, producing lime for the steel industry, (2) a factory producing high-end bathroom fittings and (3) a manufacturer of auto-parts.
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  • Appointed by various Lloyd’s syndicates to handle thefts of military equipment.
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  • Expert witness case involving possible professional liability of adjuster.
  • Appointed to carry out EL/PL audit on TPA by major retailer/captive brokers.
  • Comparative performance audits of panel adjusters for a US based global insurer.
  • Analysis of a potential PI claim following a multi-million € incident in Europe.
  • Multiple audits for international insurers’ Property and Casualty Claims.
  • Long-term support for an insurer’s Claims department, focusing on all types of Casualty claims.
  • Audits for major UK based insurer of their adjusting panel.
  • Instructions from a major supermarket group to conduct audits of their service providers in Leeds, Sheffield and Dublin.
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  • Coverholder audit for a leading Lloyd’s insurer.
  • Assisted a major UK insurer with multi-million € BI losses at a fitness centre near Rome following serious fire damage.
  • Appointed by a UK insurer to monitor the handling of a major PD/BI loss following fire damage in the food processing industry.
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  • Appointment by reinsurer to support them on $25m CAR fire loss.
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  • Instructions from an International Oil Company to act as an expert witness in a BI arbitration on policy interpretation following a massive fire in Lithuania.
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  • Business Interruption advice following equipment failure losses.
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  • Expert, multi-disciplinary team project for Asia Pacific insurer on ‘allocation’ of insured losses across the various individual earthquake events arising out of the sequence in 2010/2011
  • Further extension of our long-running contract settling outstanding earthquake claims for major Asia-Pacific insurer, handled by a team of senior adjusters permanently seconded to Christchurch.
  • Major audit/review for leading Asia-Pacific insurer relating to its outstanding portfolio of earthquake losses.
  • Adjusting advice for UK-based insurer's NZ subsidiary on multi-million BI loss following earthquakes.
  • CAT management on multi-million $ earthquake related PD/BI losses by several major international insurers and re-insurers.
  • Appointments by global UK and US based insurers and reinsurers on major PD/BI losses in Christchurch.
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  • Supported a major supplier of beverages with PD/BI issues arising from several major fires in warehouses following Civil War damage.
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  • Appointed by leading UK based international insurer to review the BI aspect of a water damage claim submitted by distributors of IT equipment.
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  • Instructed by leading international insurer following a major fire in a Moscow based warehouse with multi-million €/$ PD/BI reserves.
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  • Audits for a US based global insurer of health-care claims portfolios.
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  • Handling of a major PD/BI loss for a London based insurer following the collapse of a crane.
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  • Support for a major international insurer (another new client) with issues emerging from the Thai flood CAT.
  • Appointed by a specialist manufacturer of domestic products to assist with the presentation and negotiation of a significant BI loss following serious flood damage.
  • Review of a multi-million $ loss for a major global insurer, with particular emphasis on the BI aspect.
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  • Hurricane Dorian case – Property/BI.
  • Hurricane Dorian CAT project.
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  • Major loss fire – Adjusting for international insurer.
  • Fire in New York – adjusting case for international insurer.
  • Bahamas – Appointed as an Arbitrator on dispute involving a multi-million $ PD/BI loss following hurricane.
  • Appointment as expert adjuster on multi-billion new-build energy plant under the terms of a CAR/ALOP policy.
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